Shanti Sparrow
Graphic Design & Ilustration
_Shanti Sparrow-kbomb5.jpg

K-Bomb Identity

As part of the 22 million strong European K-pop fanbase, K-bomb knows the struggles of getting your hands on official quality K-pop merch. The European fanbase, unlike the American and Asian fans, are faced with low-end unofficial products or never-ending delivery deadlines and inflated prices. K-bomb decided to change this by building the store European K-pop fans have always dreamt of! 

The brand is a celebration of the expressive and energetic culture of K-pop. The logo itself is based on the finger heart gesture popular amongst K-pop fans and idols which means love. The bold custom type is combined with a confident and electric colour palette . The dynamic visual system of K-bomb is interactive and animated. The graphic elements are created in a comic 3D style which interacts within the photographic images.  The moving patterns provide youthful energy while tapping into gif culture. 

K-bomb tshirt 1.jpg
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K-bomb tshirt 2.jpg