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Interview: IDN Magazine // In Grid We Trust

I have been featured in the grid and layout themed issue of IDN Magazine. 

Regular publications such as newspapers or magazines quickly establish their own grid systems, which become part of their fundamental identity. Place the spreads from two magazines side by side and you should instantly be able to spot the difference. Yes, a branding colour can help to delineate them, but at the end of the day it is the grid that counts.

In this issue, IDN gathered together a total of 55 designers who have fallen in love with editorial design. If you have aspirations to follow in their footsteps, their views make compulsive reading and these examples of their work should serve as a constant inspiration.

Proud to be included along superstars including: 

46&2 | Acmé Paris | Alexia Roux | ANTI | Atelier d’Alves | Brando Corradini | Carles Carreté Bosch | Carlotta Gallo | Christine Herrin | Cleber de Campos, Dennis Fuentes | Domino Architects | Eiko Ojala | Evelin Kasikov | Flav Santoro | Foreign Policy Design Group | Francesco Delrosso | GARYNDESIGN | Gong Xinyu | Grilli Type | Hugo Dias & Soraia Eugénio | In The Pool Studio | Iveta Krajcirova | Jiani Lu | Jitpanu Thaiprasert | Jiyun Lou | Joanna Tyborowska | Juicy Square | Kamilla Mårvik Derås | kawatodesign | Lucía Izco | Lukas Novotny | Maga-Atelier | Marco Müller | Moiré | ORDINARY PEOPLE | Owl & Dog Playbooks | Pinjuchen Design | Relajaelcoco Studio | Rocío Gómez | Sarah Elly Johnson | Serene Yap | Shanti Sparrow | Snask | Studio Mut | Su Blackwell Studio Ltd. | Taken By Storm | Tatiana Denise Ligorria | The Head and The Heart Studio | Tigerissue | Tough Slate Design | Wedge & Lever | Zeynep Orbay

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