Shanti Sparrow
Graphic Design & Ilustration


Some selected accolades. Illustration, Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design, Art Direction, Typography, Poster Design, Women of Graphic Design, Designspiration, Shanti Sparrow.

Selected Media and Mentions

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Selected Exhibitions

2017 – iDeer Christmas Display, WTC Mall, Hong Kong
2017 – Summer Supreme Animal Kingdom, IFC Mall, Shanghai
2017 – Nesting, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Sydney
2017 – Nesting, IBM Mothers Day Brunch, Sydney
2016 – Concrete Jungle, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Sydney
2016 – Raw Presents: Signature, The Met, Brisbane
2015 – Concrete Jungle, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Sydney
2014 – Hatched, Central Galleries, Sydney
2014 – Hatched, The Tate, Sydney
2008 – Hand Picked, Doltone House, Sydney

Published Titles

Illustrated Children’s Books:
2016 – Shanti Sparrow, Colorful Creatures – Colouring Book, Pomegranate Publishing
2016 – Shanti Sparrow, Dazzling Drawings – Sticker Book, Pomegranate Publishing
2015 – Shanti Sparrow, Colours, Hardie Grant Publishing
2015 – Shanti Sparrow, Shapes, Hardie Grant Publishing

Greeting Card Range:
2015-18 – 34 Titles, Blue Island Press Publishing

2016 – Shanti Sparrow, Hide & Seek, Pomegranate Publishing 

2019 – Colourful Creatures: The Art of Shanti Sparrow, Pomegranate Publishing
2019 – Colourful Creatures: The Art of Shanti Sparrow – Sticker Calendar, Pomegranate Publishing
2018 – Colourful Creatures: The Art of Shanti Sparrow, Pomegranate Publishing
2018 – Shanti Sparrow, IFC Mall Calendar
2017 – Shanti Sparrow, Blue Island Press
2016 – Shanti Sparrow, Blue Island Press

Memory Game:
2018 – Shanti Sparrow's Colourful Creatures Memory Game, Pomegranate Publishing


2017 – American Graphic Design Award (GDUSA) – Branding: New York Women's Surf Film Festival
2017 – American Graphic Design Award (GDUSA) – Editorial: Tropic Novella
2016 – Kid’s Product of the Year Award – Puzzles category, Creative Child magazine
2016 – Merit, 3x3 International Illustration Award – Professional Show: Greeting Cards
2015 – Avant Card Artist Postcard Promo
2008 – Equity and Diversity Calendar Design

Notable Listings

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2015 – Creature Creations, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Sydney

Selected Quotes

"I love these colorful, geometric print designs. They’re like if Jan Tschichold was Japanese. Unique and inspiring, this stuff definitely stands out in today’s rather bland, risk-free, graphic design."
– fascinating monsters

"The exercise of color here — on pretty much her entire Instagram feed — is second to none. I worship that she’s not afraid to develop bold choices, and the results bear that out."
– Creative Market

"Huge congratulations to Shanti Sparrow, who’s been named one of 33 Women Doing Amazing Things in Graphic Design by Canva. Shanti’s engaging posters and brochures caught their eye, and she’s made the list along with design superstars Paula Sher, Jessica Walsh, Leta Sobierajski and Jing Zhang."
– Shillington

"Sparrow is known as the queen of layout and her work is characteristically informed by the grid with refined typography and bold color choices."
– Geometric Trend, Monsa Publications.

“This lady must have double majored in art school, one degree in Cute and one in Graphic Design. Shanti Sparrow has some mad creativity running around in that head of hers!!”
– Jenco Creative

“Her layouts are characteristically informed by grid and diagonal geometries that make for clear and stunning visual communication.”
– Canva

“Featuring pastel-hued graphics of burger and drink characters, this fun brand identity project by Shanti Sparrow Design defies convention.”
– Trend Hunters

“Sparrow will blow your baby’s mind with refined designs that layer parallelograms in a herringbone pattern, turn teardrops into 6-petaled flowers, and creates colorful, pastel drawings that about 2 seconds from being a Tycho album cover.”

“Sparrow’s art connect with the child in all of us – colourful, playful, and engaging.”
– Rummage Magazine

"The packaging has a fun and dynamic style that looks as sweet and enjoyable as the scrumptious food itself"
– Takeaway Food Packaging Now, Images Publishing Group

“Australian based graphic designer Shanti Sparrow was tasked with creating issue 1 of Oh Hey Magazine. No one could of been prepared for the graphical awesomeness that would emerge as a result.”
– Style Biblio

"Sparrow uses watercolor, vector, and collage to create playful scenes that fill her own brightly colored animal kingdom, inspired by nature and her love of animals. It’s a place where everything is a little sunnier."
– Pomegranate Publishing

“Simple enough for very young children but intriguing enough for older preschoolers to return to even past their board-book days; beautiful for all”
– Kirkus Review

“Her work is characteristically informed by the grid with refined typography and bold color choices.”
– Design Ideas

“Beautifully crafted art works to touch your heart and make you smile.”
– Nana Earl Grey

“Enchanting, eye-catching and distinctive, Colours and Shapes by Shanti Sparrow will captivate both children and adults alike.”
– Hardie Grant

"Sparrow has a vibrant and bold approach to design. She creates brands filled with individuality and personality, which transpires through every project she works on."
– Creative Boom

"Shanti has hidden pretty patterns within the feathers and stripes and fur—every little bit, down to the panda bear toes. Using watercolor, vector, and collage, she has made her own brightly colored animal kingdom (and don’t forget the fruits!). It’s a place where everything is just a little sunnier."
– Pomegranate Publishing

"Very Jazzy"
Julia Sparrow ( Shanti's mum)

Press Kit Images

There were many decisions in my life that lead to a photoshoot with my dog in Central Park – I regret none of them. I tried to get the black and white serious creative shot but it just never felt right – so instead I present myself and my dog in our happy place. These are free to use upon request through and were shot by the talent photographer Rachel Hanon.