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Published Work: Duotone // Book Feature // Author of Preface

My work for the 2017 New York Womens Surf Film Festival has been featured in the beautifully curated book Duotone created by Sandu Publishing. The book is a collection of design created using minimal colour palettes. I was honoured to be invited to write the preface of the book. The prefaces discusses my life long love affair with colour and design.

Duotone cover.jpg

"Color is possibly the most powerful design element. It has the capacity to affect the meaning, tone, and emotion of a design. Color is a useful psychological tool that has the ability to deeply influence an audience. With a toggle of a hue slider, we can create serenity in a harmonious monotone scheme or cause discomfort through the use of a jarring complementary pairing."

Duotone cover2.jpg
Duotone cover3.jpg

"With this great power comes great responsibility. Unbridled color use can result in an unfocused aesthetic. The more colors you use, the harder it can be to use them effectively. Too many colors competing for attention can cause hierarchies and focal points to be lost."

Duotone cover4.jpg

"Choosing effective colors within a design is a collaboration of art, experience, and science. This is because color is both highly subjective and highly technical."

Duotone cover5.jpg
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