Shanti Sparrow

IFC Shanghai Mall – Summer Safari

IFC Mall Shanghai "Summer Supreme Animal Kingdom"

This summer the Shanghai IFC Mall and I collaborated to create a "Summer Supreme Animal Kingdom" installation. IFC wished to celebrate a world full of colour and happiness and I was honoured to help them with this request. This joyously colourful sculptural attraction includes 16 life sized pattern rich animals which were all hand painted with elaborate details. The installation will be located in the Shanghai IFC mall from the start August to September 3rd. It has been a dream to see my illustrations come to life but even more rewarding to see people enjoying and interacting with them. 

Jungle Kaleidoscope
The first attraction, the Jungle Kaleidoscope area, uses multifaceted gem design and stained glass walls to create a dazzling, kaleidoscope-like mirror world. This ten square meters platform is home to Africa’s “Big Five” game animals – African elephant, black rhino, buffalo, leopard and lion. A video projection creates a dynamic lake at the centre of the attraction, revealing a 2-meter long, virtual alligator animation swimming beneath the surface.

Flamingo Park
Flamingo Park stands in the centre of the animal kingdom – surrounded by lush green grass and a reflective virtual lake. Six vibrant flamingos sit on mechanical platforms that allows the sculptures to rise and fall giving life and movement to the installation. In addition, a pair of 3 meters rainbow giraffes stand on either side, keeping watch over the flamingos.

Zebra Garden
Three serene multi-coloured zebras peacefully graze in the safety of their plush secret garden. Their magical garden is decorated with a pair of 3 metre high rainbow yarn bombed trees.  







































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