Shanti Sparrow
Graphic Design & Ilustration

Fired Up

Shanti Sparrow has collaborated with the Lipstick lobby in creation of the "Fired Up" Lipstick. Every single dollar of the net proceeds from the sale of Fired Up, a bright orange shade (and the colour of gun violence awareness), goes straight to the Brady Campaign, where the money will be used to help fund on-the-ground initiatives by one of the oldest, longest-standing gun-reform organisations in the country.

For 40 years now, the non-profit Brady Campaign has been advocating for gun-control laws. The mission of their organisation is to create a safer America by cutting the number of gun deaths in half by 2025. To achieve this goal, they have three tactics: to ensure that background checks are applied to all gun sales, to stop 5 percent of gun dealers that supply 90 percent of all crime guns, and to lead the national conversation about storing guns safely in homes, to prevent homicides, suicides and unintentional shootings that happen as a result of improperly storing guns.

Lipstick vector-SQUARE.jpg

“So often we feel powerless when faced with preventable tragic incidents. Illustrating the “Fired Up“ packaging became a way for me to channel my frustrations. Art and design is an empowering and uniting medium. With this in mind we created the #FiredUpChallenge to provide a platform for the public to express their own frustrations. I am overwhelmed with the support and creativity of those who have participated in the Fired Up Challenge. The generosity and passionate response has humbled me.”

Fired up tote.jpg

On top of the lipstick itself, more creative fuel has been added to the fire by way of a grassroots initiative which invites the public to show their support and create awareness by designing their own typographic design featuring the words “Fired Up”.