Shanti Sparrow


// Winner of an American Graphic Design Award (GDUSA) in Branding
// Winner of an Indigo Design Award – Gold Medal in Branding

The New York Women's Surf Film Festival, a project of Lava Girl Surf, celebrates the filmmakers and female wave riders who live to surf, highlighting their sense of adventure, connection to the ocean and love for their own communities and those they discover. The design for the 6th annual film festival was inspired by Van Hamersveld’s iconic Endless Summer film poster. The 2018 Festival design features an abstract landscape in vibrant contemporary colours combined with female surfer silhouettes. Abstracting the colours of the horizon removes context of time allowing the scene to be both dusk and dawn. The horizon – a symbol of endless possibility, is a repeated motif throughout the branding – represented in the form of colour blocks, underlines and featured within photography.

Featured Photography:  Luki O'Keefe and Fiona Mullen
Event Photography: Rockaway Beach – Kait Ebinger, Montauk – Emily Hlavac Green

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